Lecture: Digital Innovation at the Bodleian Library


Location: 246 Hesburgh Library, Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship (View on map )

Digital Humanities Speaker Series

The Digital Humanities Speaker Series presents a lecture by Neil Jefferies, Head of Innovation at Oxford’s Bodleian Library. In this role, Neil has a wide remit to research and develop future technologies that are relevant to libraries. This talk will cover some of his current areas of interest:

  • SWORDV3: An update to the SWORD protocol used for the automated deposit of digital objects into repositories, adding data-oriented features amongt others.

  • Oxford Common File Layout: An application independent, file system based serialization for versioned digital objects, designed to make digital preservation efficient from a storage and computational standpoint.

  • Annotation Persistence: With the emergence of IIIF (a previous initiative that Neil was involved with), an increasing amount of scholarship is now being made available as annotations but, as yet, clear mechanisms for credit and persistence of annotations do not exist.

  • Structured Text: While IIIF provides a standardized way to access images and image fragments in distributed collections, nothing similar exists for text, yet.

  • Data2Paper: Aims to streamline the publication process for Data Papers, leveraging metadata services such as DataCite and ORCID.

  • Beyond BIBFRAME: Looks at the construction of contextual frameworks for digital objects that merge elements of catalogs, VRE’s and publication platforms to provide knowledge, rather than object, management.

Originally published at al.nd.edu.