The New AI Project

Digital drawing of a network of different education disciplines

The New AI Project is a collaborative endeavor aimed at supporting the Notre Dame community (students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends) and their extended communities to understand, use, and evaluate recent developments in Artificial Intelligence.  At present, this work focuses primarily on Generative AI and the derivative tools such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALLE & Stable Diffusion.  Computational improvements and dissemination of these technologies are occurring at a rate that far outstrips our understanding and appreciation of the benefits and risks of these tools, and questions must be addressed from each of the Liberal Arts disciplines including:

  • Economic Implications related to workforce change
  • Psychological issues related to trust and understanding
  • Philosophical issues related to meaning, and the nature of humanness
  • Sociological issues related to appropriate use and social impact
  • Artistic issues related to creativity, novelty and beauty
  • Pedagogical issues related to appropriate and optimal uses

To address these and other concerns, collaborators from across Notre Dame are involved in the following activities:

Faculty & Staff Development:

  • Lunch and Learn workshops led by Notre Dame Learning
  • Department meet and greet sessions linking Technology and Digital Studies faculty with individual departments
  • Expert advice and guidance offered by the Office of Academic Integrity
  • Convening with internal and external experts


  • Generative AI in the Wild - Fall '23 course regarding understanding and using Generative AI taughte by professors Ranjodh Dhaliwal and John Behrens. 
  • Other existing related classes taught in the College include
    • The Future of Labor
    • Algorithms, Data & Society
    • AI for Good
    • AI in the 21st Century
  • Faculty in Computer Science & Engineering also teach related classes in AI and Natural Language Processing

Research in these areas is happening around the University including:

  • Computer Science faculty research in areas of computational AI for Large Language Models
  • Computer Science faculty research on generative AI and Human Computer Interaction
  • Liberal Arts faculty research in areas related to social impacts of algorithmic and data-based bias
  • Liberal Arts faculty research related to best practices for instruction and assessment
  • Multi-disciplinary meet ups
  • Research and information dissemination at the Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society
  • Research and information dissemination at the Notre Dame Tech Ethics Center

External Dissemination and Outreach

For more information about the New AI project, AI and the Liberal Arts, or other generative AI activities at Notre Dame, please contact