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Whether your passion is to design or create computer software, create new knowledge and applications through data science, create digital art, lead technical teams, address cyber safety or a myriad of other interests, the Technology and Digital Studies programs provide a rich set of opportunities to magnify your impact in our increasingly digital world, building on your liberal arts knowledge, skills, and perspectives.

You should pursue any one of these pathways if you:

  • Are passionate about technology, or data science, as well as the arts, humanities, or sciences.
  • Want to work on challenging inter-disciplinary problems with careful consideration of the ethical and social challenges of new technologies, new forms of data, and new forms of digital interactions.

Which approach is right for me? 

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

BACS is a major with significant coursework in computer science while also allowing you to broadly explore the liberal arts through the College of Arts & Letters core curriculum.

You should pursue the BACS if you:

  • Are interested in a deeper understanding of computer science and how it interacts with a particular field in the arts, humanities, or social sciences.
  • Want to apply computer science skills to find solutions for artistic, humanistic, social, or scientific problems.
  • Prefer a significant degree of flexibility and a robust computer science education. 

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Minor in Data Science

The data science minor is a 5-course curriculum that complements the arts, humanities, and sciences, with a focus on research design and data analysis.

You should pursue the data science minor if you:

  • Want to explore the applications of data science, communicate findings, and evaluate privacy and ethics issues. 
  • Enjoy using data to solve artistic, humanistic, social, or scientific problems.
  • Are curious about how to apply advances in data, computing, and statistical modeling.

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Computing and Digital Technologies Program

The Idzik Computing and Digital Technologies Program (CDT) is a 6-course minor that blends programming and technology skills with the liberal arts.

You should pursue the CDT minor if you:

  • Seek to enhance and expand your technical skills for a variety of uses and disciplines. 
  • Are interested in using computing and digital technologies to address artistic, humanistic, social, or scientific problems.
  • Want the flexibility to either explore specific interests in 1 of 4 tracks or study computing more generally.

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Other Programs to Consider

The Reilly Dual Degree Program is a partnership between the College of Arts and Letters and the College of Engineering. The program requires five full academic years of study. However, those who complete the program receive, in turn, two degrees, a bachelor of science degree from the College of Engineering and a bachelor of arts degree from the College of Arts and Letters. Learn more about the Reilly Program

The Science, Technology, and Values (STV) minor offers students the opportunity to acquire an interdisciplinary understanding of science and technology in modern societies, providing them with analytical and conceptual tools they need to confront the complex questions that arise at the intersection of science and society. Learn more about the Science, Technology, and Values minor

Not sure which program is right for you?

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