ChatGPT Podcast Featuring Dr. Behrens

Author: Christian Martin


Program Director Dr. John Behrens recently spoke in the ATSU Teaching and Learning Center the TALK, LISTEN, COLLABORATE podcast in an episode titled “ChatGPT: A Starter Guide”. See the description of the episode from the Teaching & Learning Center at ATSU YouTube channel below, and click here to listen to the podcast.

“In the first episode of our 3-part series, “Let’s Have a Chat About ChatGPT”, we talk with Dr. John Behrens (University of Notre Dame) about the tech tool that has been in all the headlines. Dr. Behrens discusses how the tool came about, where it might be going, and what is going on “behind the screen.” He also shares his perspectives on some of the opportunities, challenges, and use cases before answering questions submitted by members of the ATSU community.”

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