New CDT Requirement

Author: Charles Crowell

CDT is organizing a Fall, 2017 Speaker Series as a precursor to a new required 1-credit professionalization seminar, entitled “Technology as a Profession.”  This new professionalization seminar course will be offered each semester starting in Spring, 2018 and does not have pre-requisites.  All CDT students who declare the minor after August 22, 2017 must take the new seminar once prior to their graduation.  This course, along with the two required programming courses, will constitute the core course requirements for CDT.   


The purpose of the speaker series and the new seminar course is to give all CDT students an opportunity to hear from experienced technology professionals about various matters including what led them to a technology career, what preparation they had for their careers, how liberal arts students can thrive in this profession, and what advice they would give students now based on their own professional experiences. For both the speaker series and the class, we anticipate approximately 5-7 speakers will come to campus to present and have dialogue with CDT students. We anticipate having speakers who hold various technology positions, some of whom may be Notre Dame Alumni.  


For the Speaker Series and the class, talks will be scheduled for Thursday afternoons around 5p.  Either pizza will be provided during the talk or a small group of students who sign up on a first come, first served basis will accompany the speaker to dinner after the talk.