Recruiting a new cohort of iTREDS scholars

Author: Thomas Mustillo

Would you like to develop depth in data science while also expanding your breadth with design thinking and an ethical sensibility? Would you like to work on data science for a social good? Would you enjoy working with external stakeholders on an impactful capstone project? If so, consider applying for iTREDS. 

The Interdisciplinary Traineeship for Socially Responsible and Engaged Data Scientists (iTREDS), a project supported by the National Science Foundation, is recruiting current sophomores in the minor or on the waiting list to join the 2021-2023 cohort. Each cohort contains 25 students from across ND and Saint Mary's College, with about 8 coming from the Minor in Data Science. 

View this 5 minute introduction to iTREDS, and join us at the information session on October 29, 2020 at 6:00PM. Contact Sugana Chawla for the Zoom access information. 

Check out the iTREDS website here