Seventeen students in the CDT Program certified as Magnet Certified Forensics Examiners (MCFE)

Author: Taylor Locust

Magnet Forensics Rgb

On 4/10/2022, 17 students in the CDT Program successfully passed a test for certification as a Magnet Certified Forensics Examiner (MCFE).  This certification tests and validates the students proficiency in conducting digital forensics examinations on computers, phones, and other electronic storage devices.  This two-hour test consists of 75 knowledge-based and practical questions related to digital forensics and is administered worldwide.

Most students that obtained the certification are either current or past students in the CDT course Digital Forensic Analysis.  This course teaches students proper digital forensic techniques and prepares them for a possible career in digital forensics.  The minimum passing score to pass the certification exam is 80%.  The average score for the 17 students who certified was 92%.

The following students received the certification:

  • Ashley Adams
  • Krista Akiki
  • Cameron Blanchard
  • Terri Brinkman
  • Julia Cacciotti
  • Jessica Carvelli
  • Thomas Davis
  • Katherine Holtz
  • Nicole Marcinkus
  • Megan Metry
  • Elizabeth O’Brien
  • Ashley Presley
  • Rachel Salamone
  • Geralyn Timm
  • Maddie Tupy
  • Callie Whelan
  • Yining Zhang