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Housed in the College of Arts and Letters, the BACS major includes significant coursework in the College of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering while offering enough flexibility for you to have a supplementary major, minor, or 15-credit focus in addition to your computer science curriculum.

All students must complete the University and College of Arts and Letters core requirements in addition to the BACS major requirements below.

Computer Science Requirements — 32 Credits

Computer science core requirement — 20 Credits

  1. CSE 20311: Fundamentals of Computing
  2. CSE 20312: Data Structures
  3. CSE 20289: Systems Programming
  4. CSE 30151: Theory of Computing
  5. CSE 40113: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  6. CSE 40175: Ethical and Professional Issues

Computer science elective requirements — 12 Credits

  • CSE courses at the 30000 level or higher.

Mathematics requirements — 17 Credits:

  1. Math 10550: Calculus I
  2. Math 10560: Calculus II
  3. CSE 20110: Discrete Mathematics
  4. Six credits of coursework from the following list:
    1. Math 20550 (Calculus III)
    2. Math 20610 (Linear Algebra)
    3. Math 20580 (Linear Algebra with Differential Equations)
    4. ACMS 30440 (Probability and Statistics)
    5. ACMS 30530 (Introduction to Probability)
    6. Petitions to accept other Math or ACMS courses for this requirement will be considered, but introductory mathematics courses will generally not be approved. Restrictions (e.g., credit cannot be granted for both Math 20610 and Math 20580) will apply.

Cognate Area Requirement — 15 Credits

The cognate requirement may be an approved minor. An approved supplementary major or second major would also fulfill this requirement, as would an approved set of courses proposed by the student with adequate justification.

  1. Because of the overlap in content, the minors in Computing and Digital Technology or Data Science may not be used to fulfill the requirement.
  2. The student’s selection of a minor must be approved by the BACS program director or their designee.