Admissions Process

Arts & Letters Students

Students enrolled in, or declared for, the College of Arts and Letters are admitted on a rolling basis following the completion of an advising meeting with the program director that can be scheduled here or by contacting  Prior to to the meeting the student should familiarize themselves with the program details by reading the materials on this website and fill out this reflection form.  

Students from other colleges

Limited resources and high student demand requires yearly application-based admission of non-Arts & Letters students contingent on current program size and resource availability.  

Interested students should consult with their academic advisors and complete the online application form. Considerations that will influence a decision to admit a non-Arts & Letters applicants will include factors such as the applicant's current college and program of study, the case made in the application for how CDT complements a student's major(s) and career goals, as well as the quality of the students performance record thus far at Notre Dame.  The application process is competitive and admission cannot be guaranteed.  In some years, depending on availability, there may an additional window for students to apply.  Please contact the CDT office at if you are interested.